Saturday, March 4, 2017

IBM phone interview for Research Intern at Dublin

It was the first time I'm doing a phone interview, and also was the first time to do an interview for an internship in an industry lab. It took around 30 mins, and the overall process was smooth.

The overall process was as below:

  1. Introduce the research internship (e.g., duration, starting date, main to-do list etc.)
  2. Other attendees (research scientists in the same team) were asked about several research questions about my research.
    • What's the research question and how do you approach it and evaluate it?
    • What kind of skills (NLP, which is related to the position) have been used?
    • What kind of machine learning techniques you are familiar with?
    • How can your research methodologies be generalized into other corpus?
    • What's your future direction to extend your current work?
  3. The last step was for me to ask some questions about the internship.

They kindly informed me after two days as they found a better match to that position.

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