Friday, December 12, 2014

Gephi - Use GeoLayout Analysing Geodata (Longitude, Latitude) on a Map

1. Install Layout Pulg-ins (GeoLayout & Map of Countries)
- [Tool] -> [Plugins] -> [Available Plugins]

2. Get Map by using Map of Countries

3. Import your data with Geolocation information (Latitude & Longitude)
In my case, I include the same Geolocation as a count for discrimination.

In Data Laboratory, import the data (latitude should be named lat and longitude as lng for being used along with Map of Countries data)

Select the data you just imported and [Edit all nodes]: change the color of your data with your favorite.

Now, back to the overview, your data is displayed as rectangle.

Apply [Ranking] for Nodes with Count information. ( You could skip if count doesn't matter...)

Apply GeoLayout to get the final result.

In preview, export the result and enjoy:)

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